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Check out the newest addition to Fast Food Source, Kneaders Bakery & Cafe.  I have added a full review, as well as the menu.  If you live in Arizona or Utah, you might already know about this Paradise-like, Panera-like establishment.  Read our full review.

Check out the updated Wienerschnitzel menu.  Enjoy!

I just thought this was cool.  Found this at a McDonald's across from the Buffalo International Airport.  An after-hours walk-up window.  I guess this is handy for all the local hotel guests with late night cravings but no cars.


Check out this Bloomberg news story about McDonald’s Testing Mobile Order App for U.S. Stores.  Will this be a great new feature, or another obstacle for walk-up customers?

Last December, I posted an article asking whether double drive-thru's were more efficient.  There was some good discussion on it at the time (before I switched to Facebook comments) and the general consensus was that yes, they can actually work pretty well.

Recently, I found myself with a hotel room overlooking one such drive-through at McDonald's.  Some people ask for ocean views, but I digress.  This gave me a good opportunity to watch the cars move through the two lanes and see if there were any issues with their merging.  So I video-recorded about 15 minutes of hot drive-thru action and present the following frame grabs for your reading pleasure:

mcdonalds dual drive thru

Things start out with dark car 1 in the right lane and white car 2 in the left lane.  This is gonna get long, so click the Read More link to see all the pics...

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I tried one of the new "plussed" Quarter Pounders at McDonald's the other day.  These new versions of an old favorite come in three flavors:  Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon and Cheese, and Deluxe.  Here, I take the Bacon and Cheese version out for a test drive, but it was advertised in the restaurant as the Quarter Pounder BLT, which is a better name, I think:

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I found the burger to be overall very pleasing.  The big slabs of bacon went well with the thicker meat of the QP.  Lettuce, tomato and a chunk of fancy onion rounded out the sandwich, which was delivered on a sturdy premium bun.

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I wonder if these will sell better than the Angus burgers.  They've got to be about the same size and weight.  Perhaps the clout of using a familiar name will help these to become a staple on the McDonald's menu.

If you're craving a bigger burger but tired of the old thing, give one of these a spin.

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