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mcdonalds bacon mcdouble

Searching for more combinations of the same ingredients, McDonald's rolls out some discount specialty sandwiches.  The $2 Bacon Cheddar Hot 'n Spicy McChicken and the Bacon McDouble accompany the $1 BBQ Ranch Burger in this staple of basic burger goodness.

mcdonalds bacon mcdouble

I tried the Bacon McDouble and it is everything you expect it to be.  A standard double cheeseburger with a single slice of American cheese, two small burger patties, bacon, and all the normal base burger toppings.

mcdonalds bacon mcdouble

The burger was salty but how could it not be?  It tasted like it should and for two bucks it's doing what it set out to do: offer perceived value on a menu board plagued by price creep.

Still, I commend McDonald's for taking a page from Taco Bell's playbook.  I imagine the people out at McDonald's HQ with a dart board of all their kitchen ingredients and they just throw six darts and out comes a new menu item.  Can a beef/chicken combo sandwich be far behind?

Updated menu for Carl's Jr. with new zoom-able images for better clarity.  Enjoy!

Even the name is a mouthful.  The Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Six Dollar Thickburger is a gloriously bulked-up version of the standard WBC.  Instead of the Famous Star-sized patty, the SDT version of the WBC (following?) packs an extra-meaty Thickburger patty.

carls jr six dollar thickburger

carls jr six dollar western bacon thickburger

On first glance, you may think this burger skews too heavy on the first part of the meat-to-condiment ratio.  But while it does have plenty of meat, the burger also balances this well with loads of BBQ sauce, thick onion rings and cheese.  Plus, is bacon a meat or a condiment?  Here I think it's the latter.  Top it all off with one of Carl's new fresh baked buns and you have yourself a lunch.


del taco red box

I received the package shown above over the holidays.  Now, I knew something was coming tied to a new product Del Taco is unveiling this month.  What I didn't expect, however, was what was inside...

del taco turkey box

OK, those of you who guessed "a box of red and green feathers and a rubber turkey" win.  Seriously, what a fun and silly promotion.  You see, Del Taco is rolling out new turkey-based menu items this month.  I went looking for them on New Year's Eve and was told to come back in a few days.  So here's one time when Fast Food Source is able to let you know in advance about a new menu item.

Needless to say, I'll be reviewing the new Turkey Taco shortly.  I just love when marketing people get creative!

del taco box

Del Taco's marketing arm sent me this mysterious red box over the holidays.  To find out what's inside, you'll need to wait until Friday.  But you can begin guessing right now!

The Dairy Queen 1/2 Lb GrillBurger is a double-decker burger with two kinds of cheese - American and Swiss.  Shown below ordered as a combo #4, the burger comes with fries dumped into the box and a beverage.

dairy queen grillburger

dairy queen grillburger

Not a frequent DQ diner, I wasn't sure what to expect.  The burger was big and hearty, but somewhat dry and bland.  The meat was not too tasty, although I don't hold that against fast food chains provided there is a decent meat-to-condiment ratio (ideally no greater than 1:1).  Unfortunately, as you can see below, it was more like 2:1.

dairy queen grillburger

There was a good piece of lettuce but a few lonely onions and a tomato that, coupled with a sparing dollop of ketchup, did little to offset the dryness of the patties.  The assembly, which places EVERYTHING on top of the meat, didn't help.  As you know, McDonald's figured this out a long time ago with the Big Mac, putting the special sauce on the heel and leaving the crown dry.  Burger King and Carl's Jr. also like putting mayo and ketchup on the bottom, where your tongue encounters it first.  DQ would do well to take a page out of this playbook.  In fact, turning the entire burger upside-down did help.

The fries - oh, what can I say.  Disappointing is not the word since I had no real expectations here.  But these are those fake-coated variety that I lamented as part of a trend way back in 2009.  DQ obviously knows people don't go there for the fries and it shows.

All in all, a drab meal that doesn't drive me to crave DQ for lunch.

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