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del taco breakfast tacos

Starting today, Del Taco rolls out tacos on their breakfast menu.  Here are the details:

  1. Breakfast Taco: fresh-grilled eggs and hand-grated cheddar cheese in a warm flour tortilla - 75 cents each
  2. Bacon Breakfast Taco: fresh-grilled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese and bacon in a warm flour tortilla - $1.00 each
  3. Sausage Breakfast Taco: fresh-grilled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese and sausage in a warm flour tortilla - $1.00 each
  4. Steak Breakfast Taco: fresh-grilled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese and carne asada steak in a warm flour tortilla - $1.75 each

Guests can customize their spice level with their choice of Del Taco’s Taco Sauces.

As an introductory offer, from April 3 - 27, guests will receive a free order of five-piece hashbrown sticks with purchase of two breakfast tacos, available from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. at participating locations.

aqui con el nene

Aqui Con El Nene is a fast food restaurant that is truly fast - as in on wheels.  A food truck in northeast Tucson, El Nene is famous (locally so) for beating out a couple dozen other chains to become a finalist for Best Hot Dog according to Rachel Ray.

aqui con el nene

Being a food truck, El Nene offers an expansive list of Mexican food besides hot dogs.  In fact, there are only two hot dogs on the menu, both Sonoran Style.  Sonoran Style dogs have green salsa, jalapeño, radish, mustard, avocado, mayo, pinto beans, tomato, Cotija cheese.  The "hot dog"is the base version and comes fully loaded.  The hot dog chipilon is the second and differs only in that the bun is toasted and cheese is added. 

aqui con el nene sonoran hot dog

Here are one of each.  The hot dog on the left and the chipilon version on the right.  Or is it the other way around?  I ate them and I still don't know.  Actually, the one on the right had the toasted bun so let's call that the chipilon version. 

The dogs were great.  Very very tasty.  Very creamy and cheesy and mushy and warm and hot doggy and salty and sweet.  A full on fiesta en mi boca.  I am not sure I would drive all the way to Tucson to have one, but the locals there are lucky to have such a tasty fast food treat.

taco bell

In a fit of marketing cleverness, Taco Bell released a new TV campaign featuring real life spokesmen to promote their new breakfast menu.  The catch?  They're all named Ronald McDonald.  Genius.


Check this video out from Yahoo Food.  Clever combinations of well-known fast food.  The Chalupanator sounds disgusting.

Thanks to reader Steve B. for the find!


I checked out the base chicken sandwich at Sonic the other day.  On the menu this is just called the Classic Chicken Sandwich, grilled variety.  It was pretty much your basic fast food chicken sandwich from a restaurant that specializes in burgers:

sonic chicken sandwich

sonic chicken sandwich

The chicken sandwich is no frills.  It is delivered on a nice Cibatta bun but is otherwise plainly adorned with mayo, lettuce and tomato.  The chicken breast itself is unappetizing when examined naked.  The entire sandwich is dry and blah.  Very much like the McDonald's chicken sandwich reviewed here and here.  

sonic chicken sandwich

But for whatever reason, Sonic's chicken entry does not come with cheese or bacon.  This makes the entire sandwich seem even more plain and the chicken just that much more lonely.

I recommend Sonic for the burgers, or the hot dogs.  And of course for the tots.  But skip the chicken until they come up with something better.


BurgerFi is a relatively new chain of premium burger restaurants in the southern and northeastern U.S.  The chain launched in Delray Beach, FL and is rapidly spreading across the country with stores marked as "coming soon" as far west as Arizona and California.  We'll be adding BurgerFi to the official roster of restaurants we track on Fast Food Source in the coming weeks, but first let's talk about the food.


BurgerFi's claim to fame is all natural burgers.  The name comes from their slogan "Burgerfication of the Nation®" but, deep down, I suspect they went to GoDaddy and searched for a domain name starting with the word "burger" that was available.  BurgerFi is a strange name for a restaurant.

The burger, however, is very good.  Constructed from the top-down with condiments riding above the meat and cheese, you truly taste the salty, cheesy double patties of the default Burgerfi Cheeseburger in your first bite.  Lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi sauce (a standard 1000 Island spread) mate well.  The meat-on-the-bottom construction with no spread on the heel bumps the meat:condiment ratio to about 1.25:1 in my estimation.  Great if you have a craving for meat first in a burger but don't want an overwhelming gi-hug-o monster burger.  This one is just right.  And that unique branding of the crown adds a really classy literal signature to their sandwich.  Nice.

burgerfi sides

The BurgerFi side items are generously-sliced fries and mega-sized onion rings.  The fries were crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside and reminded me of Five Guys.  The onion rings are big but thin, meaning a lot of batter to every bite.  BurgerFi offers a not-so-secret menu (it's in their printed menu so how secret can it be?) that includes variations on the burger and fries akin to the In-N-Out secret menu.

Overall, I found my visit to BurgerFi (I went to the Lake Mary FL store) pleasant and enjoyable.  I think there's room for more gourmet premium burger chains and BurgerFi is a welcome addition.  It will be interesting to watch them grow and see how far they can get in size and scope in the coming years.

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