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carls jr tesla

While driving between Phoenix and Los Angeles, I often stop to refuel my mind and soul at Carl's Jr. in Quartzite.  I see that Tesla Motors has made a deal with local franchisees of fast food and hotels across the country to begin installing Superchargers to make cross-country electric driving possible.  Here is the Tesla "station" near the AZ/CA border.

tommys logo   five guys logo

I've never made this a secret: The Original Tommy's cheeseburger, with it's decadent chili, is my all-time favorite burger.  So what is an Arizona resident to do, when the nearest Tommy's outlet is 318 miles away in Henderson, NV?  Improvise.  First, it should be known that Tommy's will ship its chili to your door.  But that's by the gallon, and I have no place to store that much chili.  So on a recent trip to San Diego, I bought a pint to-go and kept it in my cooler on the drive back home, where I then froze it in ready-to-heat individual serving ZipLoc bags.

Next up, the burger.  Thinking long and hard about what it is I like about Tommy's, sans chili, lead me to conclude that the chain that most closely honors the spirit and the flavor of my beloved burger is Five Guys.

five guys little cheeseburger

burger king satisfries

The Interwebs are abuzz with chatter about the demise of SatisFries.  What is true is that Burger King gave its franchisees in the U.S. the choice on whether or not to keep the lower calorie fast food french fry on their menu.  2,500 stores said "yes".  So, for the time being, you will still be able to run into the random Burger King outlet that still has them.

Updated menus for Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, Burger King, and Steak 'n Shake.

del taco logo

To celebrate the Del Taco 50th anniversary, the chain has brought back some throwback items, some of which were never really gone.  The Bun Taco, for example, was a staple on the Naugles menu and can still be ordered at Del Taco.  This is basic taco ingredients plus a tomato slice from the burger on a bun instead of in a taco shell.  

Apparently, you could also always order the Small Taco Salad, although people say they have mixed results depending upon the store location.  But now, everybody can try the Small Taco Salad, which arrives in a generic box normally reserved for Chili Cheese Fries.

del taco small taco salad throwback

dickeys menu

Uh oh.  Dickey's raised their prices.  Their deal of the day, a steal at $7.99, is now $8.99.  Compared with their regular menu, the deal is still good.  Just not screaming.

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