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carls jr all natural

Carl's Jr. is advertising the "first all-natural burger... among major fast food chains." As the poster above promotes, this fast food burger comes with antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and steroid-free grass fed beef. Also on board is "natural cheddar cheese, vine ripened tomatoes," pickles, leaf lettuce, onion slices, and gobs of mayo and ketchup.

carls jr all natural

Let's go ahead and unbox the Carl's Jr. All Natural burger. The sandwich is big, with an irregularly-shaped patty making the

mcdonalds chicken bacon clubhouse

We previously reviewed the beef version of McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse line of sandwiches. These are premium sandwiches with leaf lettuce, tomato, Special Sauce (yes, Big Mac sauce) and grilled onions plus the aforementioned bacon and your choice of beef, grilled- or fried-chicken.

Here is the chicken version. McDonald's has been plagued by the same challenge as other fast food restaurants in delivering

freddys logo

Now that I have a Freddy's down the street, I am trying menu items other than their delicious fast food burger. Their chicken tenders come in Regular (3pc) and Large (5pc) sizes. Check them out - these suckers are huge!

freddys chicken tenders

Most closely resembling the chicken strips you'd get at a coffee shop like IHOP of Village Inn, the Freddy's Chicken Tenders are large, fluffy, 

del taco logo

I took my free coupon from last week's Del Taco Slow Cooked Challenge and traded it in for my free Carnitas Taco.

del taco carnitas taco

This is a street taco, in two mini flour tortillas. The taco had plenty of meat and the sauce was tangy. I found that

district taco

On a recent trip to DC I tried out District Taco. This small chain offers fresh tacos and burritos that are made to order. Unlike Chipotle, this fast food Mexican restaurant has you select your ingredients and pick your protein from a menu. The cashier takes your order and the kitchen delivers your meal (or calls your name). Pretty conventional.

district taco

del taco slow cooked challenge

Want to win prizes for staring at meat cooking? Then Del Taco is your place. To promote the return of Del Taco's slow-cooked carnitas fast food menu items, Del Taco has rolled out "The Slow Cooked Challenge." If you watch a video of the meat cooking for 15 seconds, you win a free drink. Well, not exactly free. Free with purchase of any Epic burrito. Watch the meat cook for 30 minutes and you win a free Carnitas Taco al Carbon (with purchase.)

When they say watch, they mean WATCH. Once the video and timer start, moving your mouse or pressing a key stops the clock and you are out. Additionally, they do random reflex tests every minute or two where you have to click the screen (the only time a mouse is permitted) in a certain amount of time or else you are out again.

Why so strict? Well there are much grander prizes than a free taco. Try a $50 gift card to the first 25 people who

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