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I don't make it to Cosi much. But on a recent trip to Chicago, I stopped in to give the Buffalo Bleu a try. I am a big fan of buffalo chicken flavored sandwiches and wraps. The Cosi Buffalo Bleu is a fast food sandwich that tastes distinctly un-fast foody.

cosi buffalo bleu

The sandwich was served on multi-grain bread. However, it is more of a wrap than a sandwich, with the bread closed up on one side taco-style. Here's the inside:

Today, May 28, is National Hamburger Day here in the U.S. Enjoy!

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The Buttery Jack burgers at Jack In The Box come in two flavors, the Classic and the Bacon & Swiss. Both fast food burgers come with melted herb garlic butter on the patty and a "toasty gourmet bun" for added style.

 jack in the box buttery jack

Beauty shots from Jack In The Box's website

I decided to try the Classic version, but when I got home I found that I was given the Bacon & Swiss instead. Thanks Jack.

jack in the box buttery jack

Long time readers of Fast Food Source might recall a review we did in March 2014 of a new premium burger category chain called BurgerFi. This Florida-based chain has been slowly expanding, including opening some locations in my backyard in the greater Phoenix area.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I decided to check out a "local" burger joint in Scottsdale under the name Burger n' Fries and started to really look at the restaurant.

Here's Burger n' Fries' sign:

burger n fries

And here's BurgerFi's:

 burgerfi storefront

Hmm. Want more?

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Last week we told you about the two new fast food chicken offerings on Del Taco's Buck & Under menu. This week, we gave them both a try. 

First up, the Chicken Roller. This compact burrito was a great little snack. It's hard to tell from the pic just how small this item is, but if you've had the 79 cent burrito on the Buck & Under menu then you have some idea.

del taco chicken roller

del taco chicken roller


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New updated menu for Cosi is available. The lady at the restaurant was nice enough to let me take pics of the menus.

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