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According to the Associated Press, longtime Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will formally plead guilty to charges of paying for sex with minors and receipt of child pornography. Fogle, ask you know, became well known as the guy who lost weight while eating a diet based upon Subway sandwiches. 

Subway suspended their relationship with Fogle after his house was raided in July. This week the fast food chain announced they have completely severed ties with Fogle, posting on Twitter this statement: "We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment."

More from Google News here.

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schlotzskys turkey bacon club

The Schlotzsky's Turkey Bacon Club sandwich is supposed to come with sliced turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on sourdough bread. As you will see below, mine didn't quite turn out that way.

Jon Stewart often poked fun at Arby's on The Daily Show. The fast food chain made this happy tribute that shows there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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taco bell bacon club chalupa big box

The new Bacon Club Chalupa Big Box at Taco Bell is quite possibly the single best value bang-for-your-buck meal you can order at a fast food restaurant this year. The box comes packed with three menu items and is accompanied by a medium soft drink, all for a promotional price of just $5. Check out what you get in the pictures below.

arbys pecan chicken salad sandwich

"More bread than chicken salad" is how a Fast Food Source staffer described the Arby's Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich after unwrapping. As you can see above, she wasn't kidding.

Arriving on the same bread as the delicious Market Fresh line-up, I think we were all expecting to see something a bit more substantial than what was delivered.

del taco chili cheese nachos

Advertised on the Buck & Under menu at Del Taco, the Chili Cheese Nachos accompanies the Salsa Verde Nachos as two new side items meant to punch up an old standby. Do they measure up, well see from yourself. Compare what I found when I opened the box above with what Del Taco advertises below:

del taco chili cheese nachos

Not the one, Zathras. Not the one. I'm understanding of a low-priced side item not getting the attention of a food stylist, but c'mon, does my order look appetizing?

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