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After lots of rumors and teasing by McDonald's, the fast food chain has finally announced that October 6 will be the day when breakfast starts being offered all day. McDonald's said they had to wait until the group of owners operating the U.S. franchises approved the decision. The announcement was made over Twitter and McDonald's has yet to post an official press release to their website. However, several outlets are adding details that we can expect hotcakes and hash browns to be available nationwide, with individual breakfast items up to local restaurants. Expect sandwich items (muffin and biscuit items) to be the most typical selection.

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culvers grilled chicken sandwich

Culver's is known primarily for two things: Frozen custard and ButterBurgers. Like Kansas-based Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Wisconsin-born Culver's has a generous and tasty menu to represent its Midwestern roots and appeal to the masses. But while Freddy's sticks to the basics, Culver's ventures into more varied territory with menu items like fried chicken dinners, Reubens, and pot roast sandwiches.

Regular readers of FastFoodSource know that, apart from seeking the best burgers, I am forever on a quest for the best fast food chicken sandwich. So far, nothing has beat the Carl's Jr. Chicken Club for the best tasting chicken breast coupled with delicious toppings in the proper (to my tastes) 0.9:1 meat:condiment ratio. In that spirit, I was eager to try Culver's offering.

At first I thought this was a joke. And maybe it's nothing more than a clever way to grab the spotlight. Nevertheless, Burger King appears to be proposing that they team up with McDonald's to offer a special McWhopper that combines the best of both fast food chain's signature sandwiches for one day, Peace Day, September 21. Here's the pitch:

And here's how the McWhopper would be constructed:

What do you think? I'm a bit skeptical that anything will come of this. Maybe a lot of people will go out and build their own McWhoppers but I am not sure I can expect to see pop-up stores open up for one day just to sell this. It is clever though.

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Going through some of my old VHS tapes, I came across this commercial from 1993 for the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl's Jr. This from a time before their commercials ever thought of being "sexy."


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mcdonalds minions tie in

I know it's late getting this posted, but I've been meaning to share a clever fast food promotion at McDonald's for the movie tie-in with Minions. Look at the menu board above. Note, the minion characters all over. What is the guy under the menu holding? A Big Mac. Now, what is missing from the pictures on the menu above? The Big Mac! Clever! Here it is close-up:

According to the Associated Press, longtime Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will formally plead guilty to charges of paying for sex with minors and receipt of child pornography. Fogle, ask you know, became well known as the guy who lost weight while eating a diet based upon Subway sandwiches. 

Subway suspended their relationship with Fogle after his house was raided in July. This week the fast food chain announced they have completely severed ties with Fogle, posting on Twitter this statement: "We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment."

More from Google News here.

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