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el pollo loco $5 craveable burrito combo

El Pollo Loco recently introduced a series of $5 "Craveable Combos" - each with a main menu item plus a side of chips and a soft drink. There are four such combos right now:

  1. Chicken Taquitos
  2. Tacos al Carbon
  3. Grilled Chicken Loco Salad
  4. Loco Burrito

Above and below are pics of the burrito version. 

el pollo loco $5 craveable burrito combo

The Loco Burrito comes with chicken, pinto beans, shredded cabbage, cheese, creamy cilantro and pico de gallo salsa. As you can see above, it makes a nice warm gooey burrito that is pleasing to eat. Like most of the fast food at El Pollo Loco, this burrito is pretty un-Mexican. If you want to spice it up you'll have to do it yourself by tapping the salsa bar. But that's fine, you'll be doing it anyway for your free side of chips.

Nutritionally, you're only taking in 630 calories, but 33g of total fat and 11g of saturated fat. Cholesterol rings in at 115mg and there's a whopping 1540mg of sodium. That's a lot for a smallish burrito and you cannot blame it all on the chips, as the portion is pretty small there too.

Still, this is a good option for budget-conscious fast foodies who want to grab something that feels like a complete meal and who don't want sticky fingers from the usual El Pollo Loco base chicken menu.

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