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wendys buffalo ranch crispy chicken sandwich

New to Wendy's value menu whose name is bigger than the sandwich. The Wendy's Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich sounds impossibly fancy for $1. When you get it, however, you'll see it's just a slightly altered version of their existing value crispy chicken sandwich.

wendys buffalo ranch crispy chicken sandwich

You get the aforementioned crispy chicken breast patty, lightly dressed in a buffalo sauce, topped with lettuce, a slice of Monterey Jack, and a little more sauce. That's it. But, then again, it's a buck.

wendys buffalo ranch crispy chicken sandwich

It's a pretty straightforward taste experience, and if you're already accustomed to the other Wendy's value burgers and crispy chicken this one will be no stranger. I thought the Jack cheese was a nice touch and I'm always a fan of buffalo sauce. All told, this isn't a meal by itself but a good snack or companion to other menu items (something I am sure Wendy's is banking on.)

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