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PDQ is part of a wave of gourmet chicken finger quick serve restaurants making their way across the U.S. Like Raising Canes, PDQ focuses on a core menu surrounding fried chicken strips. But PDQ flexes its creative muscle by not only selling the strips standalone but also by putting those strips into a variety of items. 


The heart of the PDQ menu is the chicken tender. The strip is thick and meaty, juicy with a crispy shell. Just the way a strip should be. In addition to fries they have delicious garlic broccoli, fried zucchini, and other more exotic sides.

pdq tender

 I had the tenders on their own, three were plenty. The other thing about these restaurants is they (rightly) realized that chicken tenders alone wouldn't draw people in. So, again like Raising Canes, PDQ offers a selection of home made sauces. 

pdq tender

 As you can see, we tried the Creamy Garlic (top), Sweet Sriracha, the Honey Mustard and the Buffalo. The creamy sauces were quite creamy. The buffalo wasn't the best, but it was workable. There were lots of other sauces yet to try but the place isn't cheap. Three strips, a sandwich and two sides set me back $16. That's a lot for lunch. I can't recommend it for an everyday meal but it's a nice departure from normal fast food fare, especially if you like chicken fingers.

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