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carls jr all star chicken tender

Wow, say that title five times fast, one for every dollar you'll spend on this bundle, er combo, er meal. Whatever you want to call it, this is a good value over just buying 3 Tenders on their own, which would set you back over $4 without any sides or drink.

We've recently reviewed the concept of the $5 All Star Meals and judged them to be a good deal. Out of the four offerings, this one wins for best value in terms of both savings and nutrition. But what's it like?

carls jr all star chicken tender

The box comes with three Tenders, fries and a cookie, all neatly-arranged. My meal arrived at my table hot. In fact, the Tenders were almost too hot to eat at first. The box helps with that. You get one sauce for dipping.

The Tenders are large and each one is uniquely-shaped. These are not machine-stamped, cookie-cutter Tenders. (I keep capitalizing "Tenders" because Carl's somehow has trademarked the name 3-piece Hand-breaded Chicken Tenders.) Each one is crunchy on the outside and decently meaty on the inside. They were really good.

On the side, the fries were fine. I'm not a particular fan of the fries at Carl's. Remember back in the '80's when they had crinkle fries? I wish those would make a comeback. Finally, the cookie was adequate. For a supposedly fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie this was the one part of my meal that tasted the most processed. Also, I don't really need dessert with my fast food meal - especially at lunch. So I have to psychologically write off the 50 cent value for that. Don't get me wrong, I still ate it. I just wouldn't pay for it.

As we mentioned in the All Star review, this meal is, by far, the best in terms of nutritional value at 760 calories, 38g fat, 10g sat fat, 1560mg sodium (with a diet soft drink).

All in all, the Carl's Jr. 3-piece Hand-breaded Chicken Tenders $5 All Star Meal is a good deal and a good way to walk out of that particular chain without feeling like you spent too much or took on too many calories.

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