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del taco queso blanco

Del Taco recently rolled out a new cheese sauce for their tortilla chips. While this fast food restaurant has always had nacho cheese, the new Queso Blanco cheese is, according to Del Taco, "a creamy blend of cheese and peppers." The cheese can be had a la carte (with chips as shown above) or with a number of menu items Queso-style, including:

  • The Queso Crunch Taco
  • The Queso Bean Burrito
  • Queso Fries
  • Queso Loaded Nachos

You can get a free trial size of queso pretty easily. There are numerous coupons floating around and a queso "matching" game on the Del Taco website

del taco salty chips

I found the cheese to have a good slightly spicy kick, something you don't normally get in the standard yellow variety. It was a bit watery too. Quantity-wise, they give you about as much as you'd get from a standard order of nachos - in other words, a small portion cup full. It was enough to get through about 3/4 of the chips in the bag, but I was left with some dry snacking toward the end. It's probably better as a topping on the items listed above rather than as the sole dip for your chips.

Oh, and if I've never mentioned it before, the new Del Taco tortilla chips (introduced with the Platos dinners) are really salty. The picture above attests!

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