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cuvers single deluxe

Wow, this was a fantastic burger. I've had the Culver's ButterBurger before, but I think this was my first time trying the Deluxe. The regular ButterBurger has meat, cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles. The Deluxe has mayo instead of ketchup and mustard, but you can add them back - as I did. It also includes lettuce and tomato. The result: A grand, juicy, flavorful sandwich from start to finish.

cuvers single deluxe

The meat is smokey savory flame grilled goodness. Very tasty. But what I liked most about this sandwich was the fact that ALL of the toppings were beneath the patty ("bottomings?") That means your tongue has a chance to taste every flavor before it encounters the meat.

This is the way burgers should be built.

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