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burger king nuggets

Burger King's 10 Chicken Nuggets for $1.49 promo is a pretty good deal, especially when stacked up against Wendy's measly 99-cents for four or $1.69 for six (quality comparisons aside.) You get just what is advertised - 10 small white meat chicken nuggets that very much remind me of McDonald's original McNuggets.

burger king nuggets

These are small nuggets, enough to fit ten into what is basically a large french fry bag. If you're viewing this site on a regular computer the image above is larger than the actual nugget. But they are fine tasting and fun to dip. My BK didn't care how many dips I asked for so I got a honey mustard and a buffalo. Not sure if all BK are as generous, so YMMV.

burger king nuggets

The sauces were both a bit bland. I've had better honey mustard at other fast food chains. But then again, I've also had worse. The buffalo sauce was also very middle-of-the-road, which I guess should be expected from a fast food restaurant.

All in all, not a bad deal for a snack or a simple, inexpensive and quick meal.

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