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pollo tropical spicy chicken

I don't get to Pollo Tropical very often. Recently, however, I tried their Spicy Chicken promotion. This fast food chicken menu item is two or four pieces of their flame grilled chicken basted with a spicy BBQ sauce. As a meal, it comes with two sides and a dinner roll as pictured above. Extra points for coming on a very non-fast food style real plate with real silverware.

pollo tropical spicy chicken

There are actually two types of spicy sauce: Spicy Island BBQ or Diablo. I opted for the former and it was delicious. If you are a fan of homemade BBQ chicken then you will like this. First, it's really not spicy, but has a good little kick to offset the sweetness. The chicken was fall-off-the-bone cooked and the side items were small-portioned but enough for a meal. This was dinner for me, and I didn't feel hungry after.

pollo tropical spicy chicken

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the sauce was spread onto the skin of the chicken, not doused. That's fine but my only complaint is that as the skin falls off so does your sauce. It might be nice to have a little side of the BBQ - be sure to ask for that to make sure you get to enjoy the flavor all the way through your meal.

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