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zaxbys wings and things

Zaxby's Wings & Things meal consists of five traditional or five boneless wings, three Chicken Fingerz, crinkle fries, Texas toast and a drink. You also get three decent sized pieces of celery and two sauces: the Zax Sauce and Ranch.

I've reviewed the Chicken Fingerz in the Buffalo variety before. I found them skinny and the "fingerz" I received tonight were no exception. The boneless wings, while not scrawny, were mostly breading. Generously drenched in sauce, they were tasty and filling, although I really felt like the wings and fingers could've been more substantial in the actual chicken department.

The crinkle fries are lightly seasoned and were a good companion, as was the slice of Texas toast. All in all, the breading probably filled me up more than anything else and I found that I was full before even finishing the sides. You could easily share this meal and, at almost $9 for the boneless and almost $10 for the traditional bone-in variety, you should.

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