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whataburger chicken strips

The Whataburger Whatachick'n' Strips fast food combo packs three chicken strips, fries, Texas toast, and a drink. They are similar in size and shape to the Arby's Prime-Cut Tenders which we reviewed. Like Arby's, they are heavily breaded, almost to the point that it's more breading than chicken.

whataburger chicken strips

I much prefer the Chicken Tenders at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. But given that Freddy's is a Midwest chain and Whataburger is a Southwest chain, the two don't overlap outside of a handful of locations. So it comes down to whether or not this is a good alternative for a burger. At Whataburger, the answer is no. Although kids may want chicken strips instead of a burger, I think most grown-ups should pass up this meal in favor of some sort of Whata-sandwich.

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