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arbys pecan chicken salad sandwich

"More bread than chicken salad" is how a Fast Food Source staffer described the Arby's Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich after unwrapping. As you can see above, she wasn't kidding.

Arriving on the same bread as the delicious Market Fresh line-up, I think we were all expecting to see something a bit more substantial than what was delivered.

arbys pecan chicken salad sandwich

The sandwich comes in a standard Arby's wrapper. So far so good. There are no varieties here - there is one and only one way this sandwich is made. Constructed on the aforementioned Market Fresh wheat bread, the sandwich is built using mayo, lettuce, grape slices, apple, and pecan chicken salad. No false advertising here.

arbys pecan chicken salad sandwich

If you can gauge the scale of this sandwich from the bread, you can see that the chicken chunks are decent. Our staff member said there was not enough inside to fit the bread, unlike what she encounters with the Reuben. She did like how the chicken salad did look freshly made. Chunks of apple and chicken, little pieces of pecan, and not overly dressed with mayo. All in all, she called it a "good summer sandwich" and even suggested the bread would've been good toasted - something Arby's doesn't do but not a bad idea.

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