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arbys brown sugar bacon club

The new Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon line of fast food club sandwiches are sweet, literally. The bacon is seriously seasoned with sugar. While you may think this doesn't sound appetizing, bacon and sweets actually go quite well together, with everything from ice cream to cookies getting a bacon injection from time to time. Here, I expected salty-sweet and was in for a bit of a surprise by the overwhelming sweetness.

 arbys brown sugar bacon club

There are three "flavors" of Brown Sugar Bacon Club sandwiches: Bacon and Roast Beef, Bacon and Pit Smoked Ham, and BLT. I asked the drive through attendant which one she recommended, and she said she liked the first one because the roast beef was a good offset to the bacon. Sounded good, so I ordered it. The sandwich arrived in an inconspicuous generic box, the one Arby's uses for all its mega sandwiches.

arbys brown sugar bacon club

The sandwich was generously stocked, with mayo, lettuce and tomato on the bottom. Roast beef and Swiss was layered above those. Then, topping it off were six strips of thick sugary bacon and another dollop of mayo for good measure.

The meat was piled high, with the middle of the sandwich being very thick. The brown sugar sweetness of the bacon was nicely offset by the saltiness of the roast beef (thank you drive thru lady) and balanced out well with the creaminess of the mayo and Swiss cheese. The lettuce and tomato were somewhat lonely on this sandwich, standing out for their lack of contribution to the entire experience. It was almost as if Arby's sandwich engineers wanted to dress up the look of the sandwich as an afterthought. 

When I got my sandwich home, I thought "Oh shoot, I didn't get a side item." Well I need not have worried, for by the time I finished this monster I wasn't in the mood to eat more. That is to say this sandwich stands on its own as a very decent and satisfying meal. You'll have to judge for yourself whether or not the brown sugar "works" for you - it's probably an acquired taste. I imagine the ham version will work for those who like Honey Baked Hams and their ilk. In any case, this one is a thumbs up for me.

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