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Way back in 2009, I said "time would tell" whether or not the Big Carl at Carl's Jr. could survive on the menu next to all of the other jumbo burgers. Well, five years later, the Big Carl is still there. 

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The sandwich is still big and hearty. Way bigger than the Big Mac, it is somewhat of an anomaly on the Carl's menu. For instance, it's the only burger on Carl's fast food menu to have a Thousand Island-like spread. Come to think of it, I wonder how the spread would taste on a Famous Star in lieu of the ketchup/mayo blend.

carls jr big carl

The sandwich I received was smashed but still enjoyable. It's really hard to tell from this pic how meaty the burger is. It uses two of the Famous Star patties, putting it on par with the Super Star in its meat quotient. As opposed to the bigger Thickburgers, you can start to enjoy a more appealing meat:condiment ratio with the slimmed down patties.

Overall, I am pleased to see this hamburger on the Carl's Jr. menu. If you want to find out more, read the original review here at Fast Food Source.

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