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About: Founded in 1964, Boardman, OH. 3200 locations worldwide. “Arby’s” means “RB” which stands for “Raffel Brothers” (founders), not Roast Beef. Trivia: Early in 2000, the Santa Monica Arby’s successfully won their case against the city to keep their famous cowboy-hat-shaped sign standing (the city of Santa Monica had earlier decided to eliminate all unsightly signs above a certain height or size.)

Author Recommends: Market Fresh Ham or Turkey, substitute honey mustard for mayo.

Remember the “America’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir!” slogan? Just wondering.

Arby’s is a great alternative for burger fans who get to that “burgered-out” stage – usually around lunch late in the week. But, Arby’s has successfully expanded its menu to include not only roast beef sandwiches, but also a number of tasty chicken selections too. A personal favorite is the Chicken Bacon & Swiss sandwich. Yuuummm! Honey mustard!

The Market Fresh Sandwiches are a refreshing change from normal fast food. But at $3.99 each (or more than $6 for a combo) it can never be an everyday treat.

One of the coolest things Arby’s does is not to charge extra for cheese on its French Dip sub. That one gesture alone sets Arby’s apart as a restaurant chain not afraid to do things their own way.

At a time when many fast food chains are starting to look too similar, Arby’s remains tastily different. Oh, and their Arby’s sauce is great on their fries. -RB